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Gestalt Community Schools

Our Academics

Academic Model

The Gestalt Academic Model is composed of six components:

  • Blended Learning
  • Inclusive Practices 
  • Response to Instruction and Intervention
  • Data-Driven Instruction
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Social Emotional Learning

Blended Learning


Our model combines the best of teacher instruction with integrated technology. Blended learning provides scholars the opportunity to use computers for individualized and digital learning groups. These groups provide assignments based on the individual learner’s skill deficits, thus creating customized, differentiated assignments.

Inclusive Practices


Our instructional model ensures students with disabilities are included in general education classes for the majority of the school day. Inclusion provides the structure for students to access and progress in the general curriculum.

Response to Instruction & Intervention (RTI2)


Our model is driven by high-quality instruction combined with academic and behavior interventions tailored to meet scholar’s individual needs.

Data Driven Instruction


Our instructional decisions are driven by the results from multiple student assessments. Data-driven instruction is about using the data to identify conceptual gaps and developing instruction to fill them appropriately.

Project Based Learning


Our model encourages a variety of real-world learning experiences, which extend beyond the classroom to each scholar’s home, community, nation, and the world. Gestalt scholars, parents, and staff are all charged with the mission to leave our community better than we found it.

Social Emotional Learning

Our model provides a comprehensive, individualized online reporting tool that brings academic, basic needs, and socio-emotional data together to meet the needs of the scholar.