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Gestalt Community Schools



Gestalt Community Schools are tuition-free public charter schools that prioritize college, career and community readiness throughout the culture and curriculum. Our mission is to give students the tools and experiences they need to succeed beyond the classroom. With a strong focus on academics and community service, Gestalt schools are dedicated to preparing scholars to enter the world with a roadmap to success. 

Click here to start our easy, step-by-step process to enroll your child in a Gestalt school. Simply complete a short series of forms for our team to collect guardian and student contact information, along with information about your school of choice.

In just 10 minutes, your child can begin a path to college, career and community readiness!


Enrollment in a Gestalt school is based on parent choice. Scholars are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis, with no tests or interviews required. Any child who lives within Shelby County may enroll at a Power Center School or Nexus STEM Academy if seats are available. Humes Academy and Klondike Academy have additional geographic restrictions. When a school reaches capacity, students are placed on a wait list, then contacted if a place comes available. 


If you have questions about the appplication or enrollment processes, please contact us here or call Mae Yearwood at 901-612-0766. You may also contact the school directly; please see Our Gestalt Schools in the top right corner of this page to select your school.