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Gestalt Community Schools

Gestalt Network

Emma Gestalt

Gestalt Community Schools is a network of K-12 college-preparatory charter schools in targeted Memphis communities. Gestalt schools provide strong academic outcomes for their scholars through initiatives including meaningful community involvement. Gestalt catalyzes community leadership to help revitalize the neighborhood as it operates its schools in that community. Instead of debating whether education impacts the community or vice versa, Gestalt believes that the most effective method to support student achievement is an integration of education and community (a true "gestalt").

Gestalt Vision

Building better communities through education. 

Gestalt Values

  • Achievement: We strive for excellence in the classroom and in the community.
  • Community: We believe that collaboration is key to personal growth and neighborhood revitalization. 
  • Humility: We know that the work we do is bigger than us. We are accountable to our scholars, our peers, and the neighborhoods we serve.  
  • Innovation: We strive to evolve faster than the world around us. We can be our best only if we are willing to re-evaluate and refine what we do.
  • Zeal: We believe the core of our drive to succeed is derived from our compassion for the communities we serve.

Board of Directors

As part of the Gestalt network, the Gestalt Community Schools Board of Directors acts as the governing entity for Power Center Academy. For more information please click here.