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Kimberly Rodriguez

Kimberly Rodriguez

Resident Leader

Kimberly Rodriguez began her career in education after completing a Bachelor’s degree in physics and mathematics from Xavier University of Louisiana, post baccalaureate work at Rice University, and a Master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of St. Thomas. She has taught several courses in math and science at both the traditional and AP level.

Additionally, Ms. Rodriguez was recognized as Teacher of the Year in CFISD in 2010, Houston Rockets’ Teacher of the Game in 2012, and chosen as a member of the Advanced Technological Education Project for Physics Faculty. In addition to teaching, she has had several leadership opportunities over the past eight years. She has served as a physics team leader, grade level chair, STEM department chair, and an instructional coach for The New Teacher Project.

Most recently, Ms. Rodriguez has completed her field study year as a Ryan Fellow at Power Center Academy High School in the position of resident principal. The Ryan Fellowship is a prestigious fellowship where leaders are trained and supported through principal-specific training at Northwestern and continuous professional development for three years. Ms. Rodriguez believes that each scholar has a light inside of them that must be ignited in order to have a choice filled life of unlimited possibilities, and she desires for each of them to see his or her passion for these possibilities and begin sparking that light inside of them developing their own passion, whatever it may be.


krodriguez [at] powercenteracademy [dot] org