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School Leaders

School Leaders

Principal Emily Higgins

Emily Higgins Dean Of Instruction KPAES

Emily Higgins is the Founding Principal of Nexus STEM Elementary School. She is originally from Chicago and has been in Memphis for the past four years. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Special Education and received her masters in 2010 in Educational Leadership and Administration. Ms. Higgins brings six years of elementary experience, three as Dean of Instruction and three years elementary teaching experience. Ms. Higgins successfully completed the National Principals Fellowship with distinction from the Relay Grad School of Education. She is honored and excited to begin her work as Founding Principal of Nexus STEM Elementary School. 

Dean of Instruction Caleshia Young

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We are pleased to announce that Ms. Caleshia Young will be the Founding Dean of Instruction for Nexus STEM Elementary. Ms. Young comes to use with 12 years of experience in the elementary classroom teaching a variety of grade levels, including many years in kindergarten. Ms. Young received her graduate degree from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville in Child and Family Studies. She went on to earn her graduate degree in Early Childhood Education. She is currently pursuing an Educational Specialist Degree in Administration from Arkansas State University. Ms. Young believes strongly that it is our responsibility to facilitate student learning and actively engage our students within the educational experience and not just allow them to sit on the sidelines and receive informational and knowledge. True joy for Ms. Young is watching and supporting others be successful and reach their goals, whether that is our students, teachers or families. We are so blessed to have Ms. Young on our Founding Team and look forward to an amazing year learning and growing together!