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Elizabeth Harcourt

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Please welcome Ms. Elizabeth Harcourt who will serve as our Founding Art Teacher. She has an undergraduate degree is Speech Pathology and Audiology where she focused a lot of her time working with the deaf community and learning sign language. From there, she went on to get her masters degree in art education from Memphis College of Art. She is a successful artist who's art can be seen nationwide from the east coast to the west. Ms. Harcourt has had several shows and been a vendor in arts festivals such as Double Decker. 

She loves working with children and being able to form that love of art at a young age and help it grow. She loves that "light bulb moment" when they're learning art principles for the first time, even if it's something simple like red+yellow= orange. She enjoys watching kids explore their creativity and learn how to grow it and expand it into other subjects. She hopes to use art to teach elementary level students higher level thinking and also relate art to other subjects. 

We are so excited to have Ms. Harcourt on our Founding Team! 

William Bond


We're excited to announce another amazing teacher has joined the Nexus Elementary family! Mr. William A. Bond. 

has accepted the Physical Education teacher position at Nexus Stem Academy Elementary School. He is a high school graduate of Memphis Northside High School, class of 1972. He is a proud graduate of Lane College in Jackson, TN where he became a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Coach B has 36 years of experience at the elementary, middle and high school level. He coached basketball, baseball and football on the Middle School, Junior High and High School Levels. While at Northside High School l he led his team to won back to back TSSAA STATE Championships in 1978 and 1978. Coach B has earned numerous awards such as Coach of the Year for 4 years straight, Outstanding Leadership, Teacher of the Month, Derwin Sisnett Community Core Value Award and was highlighted in the book Outstanding Young Men of America. 

Having experience as teacher of grades Pre K-12, Coach welcomes the opportunity with passion to help shape and mold young lives as they travel through the beginning steps of being educated at Nexus Stem Academy Elementary School. He values a good lesson learned. He gets to assist each scholar with their entrance into a formal educational environment. He operates with patience as his guiding virtue. His personal motto is "Nothing beats an effort but a try and effort is always free". A direct quote from Coach when accepting the position, he said" This will be a journey to progress. So here I am, Coach B, doing what I love to do. Encouraging and Motivating, but best of all, teaching Physical Education at Nexus Stem Academy Elementary School. This will be a GREAT BEGINNING and a GREAT 2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR! And don't let me forget to ask one question:"How bout them Cowboys?"