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About Klondike Academy

School Information


1250 Vollintine Avenue
Memphis, TN 38107
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Hours: 7:45 am–3:45 pm (M-F, except Wednesdays) and 7:45 am–1:30 pm on Wednesdays
Phone: 901-310- 1999
Enrollment: 250
Grades served: K-5
Dress code: Uniform
Mascot: Cougars 
District: Achievement School District (ASD)

Our Story

Since 2013, when Klondike Elementary School converted to Klondike Preparatory Academy in partnership with the Achievement School District, we’ve been empowering scholars with academic skills, personal values, and self-confidence to succeed in our ever-changing world.

Our Vision

The vision of Klondike Preparatory Academy is to establish and maintain partnerships among scholars, parents, community, administrators, teachers and staff, which will continually adjust to new situations by refining the education and services offered to our scholars in order to prepare them for independence and success in our the ever-changing world. 

Klondike Pledge


This is our den, the KPA Cougar Den.

In our den we have the freedom to ask, to explore, to imagine and to create.

We use our talents and what we learn to innovate.

We believe that we can make our good better and our better best,

By taking ownership of our actions and striving for success.

We know our futures are in our hands, and we are destined to be great.

Because we achieve more to serve more at K-P-A.