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Dr. Johnoson Crutchfield

Dr. Johnoson Crutchfield


Dr. John Crutchfield is a fifth year administrator who is passionate about K-12 school climate turnaround efforts with at-risk populations. Prior to working as a school administrator, he served as a teacher and instructional coach for five years at the middle school level. He is a native of Tallahassee, Florida and graduate of Florida State University.  He earned his Doctor of Education degree from University of Louisiana-Monroe conducting research on the relationship between PBIS implementation and teacher perceptions of student motivation. His central duties in his current role involve turnaround efforts to improve school climate and culture as a building administrator. Dr. Crutchfield believes his most cherished asset in education is his staff. He believes they are important, so quality teacher retention and recruitment is crucial to his approach.

Dr. Crutchfield is also a husband and father of two children, and aims to treat the children he serves just like they were his very own. His core turnaround strategies center on building trusting relationships with students and teachers, positively reinforcing desired student behavior, and ensuring consistent school discipline practices. Dr. Crutchfield has presented at various state, national, and international conferences, ranging from the National Association for Secondary School Principals Conference to the International Positive Behavior Support Conference.