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About Humes Academy

School Information

HPA Logo Copy

659 North Manassas Street
Memphis, TN 38107
Click here for a map.
Hours: 7:30 am-4:00 pm (M-F, except Wednesdays), 7:30 am-1:10 pm (Wednesdays)
Phone: 901-310-1332 
Enrollment: 366
Grades served: 6-8
Dress code: uniform
Mascot: Tigers 
District: Achievement School District (ASD)

Our Story

In 2012, Gordon Science & Arts Academy opened its doors in a shared space with Gordon Elementary School to approximately 130 6th-grade scholars who were originally zoned to attend Humes Middle School. In 2013, the school transitioned out of the Gordon Elementary School building and back into the historic Humes facility. With this change, the school name changed to Humes Preparatory Academy (HPA). This move returns the scholars back to their original neighborhood school, while they continue to receive the same academic rigor and robust school culture.   

Humes Preparatory Academy (HPA) serves 6th-8th grade. The school focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math and provides high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that prepares our scholars to be college-ready, career-ready, and community-ready.

Our Vision

At Humes Preparatory Academy, we are a community building relationships between scholars, faculty, parents, and other stakeholders that fosters an environment where positive change is taking place through education.

Humes Pledge


This is our community, the Humes Community.
In our community, we develop our intellect to expand our horizons.
In our community, we harness our imagination to dream big.
In our community, we embrace our desire for innovation to enhance the world around us.
HPA is the community where our scholars gear up to give back.