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Gestalt Community Schools

Gift Impact

Your donations support the following needs within our schools:

  • Scholar Support - Uniforms, school supplies and transportation accommodations.

  • Academics - Classroom management training for teachers, learning-based experiences for our scholars and innovative programming.

  • Technology - From iPads to ChromeBooks to SmartBoards and so much more, our scholars integrate technology as early as Kindergarten. Your donations help bring new, state-of-the-art technology right to the hands of our students.

  • Sports/Recreation - This year, Gestalt Community Schools is working in partnership with Republic Services and Habitat for Humanity to fully fund Memphis’ first urban rugby field for our scholars. This field will be dedicated to our champion rugby team, but will also be utilized for other sports in our Hickory Hill community. Extracurriculars and having a safe place to play is extremely important for our scholars and families.

  • Arts - In partnership with FEMA, Gestalt Community Schools has provided the Hickory Hill area with a community storm shelter that doubles as a performing arts center. Your donations support Phase II of our development to provide a quality stage, sound system and aesthetic improvements to the Performing Arts Center.

  • Autism - A long-term goal of Gestalt is to provide the city of Memphis with more resources for students with autism. The number of students with autism in the Memphis community is rising, while there are limited resources available to families.

  • Business/Financial Literacy - A pillar of our Power Center Schools is our business and financial literacy curriculum focus. Our scholars begin learning about money and entrepreneurship as early as Kindergarten! Your donations bring even more resources to our business program where students are able to learn these life skills throughout grade-school to prepare for a successful, financially sound future.

  • STEM - A pillar of our Nexus STEM Academy Schools is our STEM focus. Our scholars learn through hands-on experiences centered around science, technology, engineering and math. Your donations support more experience-based learning activities such as field trips, robotics and science experiments.

  • Rugby Field - A premier rugby and soccer field would provide our scholars and children in the immediate neighborhood a safe space to play competitive sports. It would be the first community turf rugby field in an urban environment.

To make a gift online, click here.

THANK YOU for your support!